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Our History

Fairytale Hair and Makeup came to life in 2003. It was started by Tara Fontana. She has a passion for special event hair and makeup. So it was just a matter of putting that passion into a career. She was working in the salon, living for prom day or any bride that would come in.
How could she do more of this? She built a website, started advertising and got a booth at a bridal show. The response was overwhelming. There was no way she could handle all the demand on her own. So Tara started searching for other artists with the same passion and talent. Slowly but surely Fairytale grew.

We originated in Southern California. Fairytale then decided to take on the wedding capitol of the world, with expanding to Las Vegas in 2004. With help from an amazing staff, Las Vegas was and still is a big success!

With a passion for everything Disney and a name like Fairytale, a major goal was to work with Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings. They gave us a chance in 2006 and the rest is History. With so much success at Disneyland with their weddings, we expanded to Central Florida to work with Disney World. Disney World Weddings contacted Disneyland Weddings and after hearing much praise decided to give us a chance. We were added to the list of preferred vendors for Disney World in 2011.

Then There was David Tutera.

Tara was sitting at home watching “My Fair Wedding” With David Tutera just like most wedding obsessed girls. She noticed the hair and makeup on some of the episodes and well, wasn’t very impressed. She thought, “We need to do that!” Tara contacted the production company.

They wanted all the company info and gave us a chance in 2011 with “Belly Dancer Bride” where we did the hair only. We were then asked to come back for the next season. We did five episode’s both hair and makeup. David liked us so much; we have been referred by him to his own personal clients.

About our Hair & Makeup Artists

We get asked quite often, “How do you find our artists? What does it take to be a part of Fairytale?” A large percentage of our artists are handpicked by Tara. She goes through and researches different artists. She looks at their work, reviews, experience, rates and their location. We like if the artist can do both hair and makeup. This limits a lot of potential when they have to excel in both hair & makeup. But it makes a lot more sense to send one artist than two when it’s a bride only, or small job. The fact that Tara is an artist herself, she is very particular about the artist’s work and who represents Fairytale Hair and Makeup.

Some of our artists have contacted us for a job, or referred from another artist or friend. Then they are researched and we go from there. All our artists are different. We are all artists. We are not out to make them cookie cutter artists and tell them how to do things. The client may like one artists work over the other. We like the client to know what they are getting into by showing our artists work on our website as well as Facebook.</p>

So unlike other companies, you get to see who you are working with, their work and their reviews before you even meet them! You can even request one based on the area they serve and their work.

All eyes on you.

We want our clients to be proud and at ease when they use Fairytale Hair and Makeup. We believe our History, endorsements and experience speaks for itself. Why go to the salon when the salon can come to you? Wouldn’t you want the best artists on the biggest day of your life? Isn’t it much better to have the comfort of having them come to you rather than having you and your girls running around and getting their hair and makeup done? You also know who the artist is and their work, not just a random artist.

Just something to consider… You have the venue, beautiful dress, great photographer, but the hair and makeup is not done by a professional? All eyes are on you. You have photos you will have for a lifetime. Shouldn’t you look your best, feel your best and have the best help you achieve that? There is only so much photo shopping can do.

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