I cannot stress reading reviews enough! And also in addition to all your vendor choices. A professional hair and makeup artist will have reviews! It is certainly always a good idea to look at The Knot, WeddingWire, Yelp and Facebook. Because it is important to not only do your own research, but also cross reference!!

Check with your venue for their preferred vendors, your coordinator for their references. With vendor to vendor referrals, they have worked with the vendor before, know how the artist works and that their clients were happy. Even after their referrals, it is important to still check reviews!

When choosing your professional hair & makeup artist, look at their portfolios. A lot of companies don’t show the individual artists work. Every artist is different. Find one that has numerous photos of clients and weddings they have done. Photos of the artist that did their own makeup doesn’t count!!! Also artists that use Instagram filters doesn’t really say much about their work either.

Communication is key!!!! Have pictures of what you are looking for as far as your hair & makeup. Share them with the artist. Talk about your concerns. If you are not 100% about something with your hair & makeup… tell the artist. A professional will not let you leave until you say it is perfect. Again, this is the biggest day of your life. You need to love how you look. But we cannot achieve that without communication.

There is truly so much of the “You get what you pay for” in this industry. We get asked all the time “ Why does it cost so much?” Then I get told, “Wow! Your really affordable. That being said affordable is all relative. You can always find someone cheaper. But chances are they don’t have the experience, product and contract than one that has experienced all types of different hair, makeup and situations that one can face on the wedding day. There are some that are definitely expensive. They tend to provide a real luxury experience with all the bells and whistles. Maybe they are a celebrity artist or have millions of followers. An artist rate is something that they have worked hard with training and experience to ask. for that rate.

That all being said it all comes down to research and communication with that, you will LOVE the way you look!

-Tara Fontana, Owner & Hair and makeup artist for Fairytale Hair and Makeup

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