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While you have the venue, the beautiful dress in addition to the amazing photographer but what about hair & makeup?

Why hire hair & makeup artist? Because it is equally as important as the other key aspects of the wedding. All eyes will be on you that day. Don’t you want to look and feel your best? You will have these photos for the rest of your life. Don’t you want to look back years later and say “Wow! I looked incredible!”

Because hair & makeup is often over looked and due to the fact that you are not only confident that you  do a great job on your own makeup and think,” I can just do it that day, but also think you have the time or ” It could be that you have a friend that did your hair & makeup for prom that is willing to do it for free. You may just be searching on Instagram for an artist and like the way they did someone’s hair and makeup so you decide to give them a try.

Being this is the biggest day of your life. There are so many different ways to find your vendors. With social media it is really hard to separate the professional from the amateur anymore. The problem with this is there are a ton of “professionals” that do not have the experience to ensure everything runs smoothly from beginning to end. There is so much more that goes into wedding hair & makeup than just hair & makeup.

    • They e-mail, text or call to discuss all your questions and concerns.
    •  Hair & Makeup trial. This is a separate appointment. Hair & makeup usually takes about two hours. There are some artists require the client to have a trial, some do not. We personally do not as a lot of our clients are destination brides and will not be in the area until the wedding. Most artists charge extra for this or include it in their bridal package.
    • They have a contract. NEVER HIRE A VENDOR WITHOUT A CONTRACT!!! We get contacted weekly, sometimes daily from brides that their “artist” cancelled on them weeks or days before their wedding. Now they are scrambling trying to find an artist. 99% of the time, there was NO contract. The contract protects you and the artist. Lots of times these people are friends offer to do their hair & makeup, or someone that offered a great deal. When the rate seems to good to be true, it probably is
    • They work with you on the timeline. The timeline is made up of the amount of services that are contracted. We ensure you are done by the time the photographer wants you ready by. I hear complaints all the time that the wedding started late because the hair & makeup ran late. With hiring a professional, they know how much time it takes and how much time to allow ensuring you are done on time. Again. If hair & makeup runs late, everything runs late. This means less pictures, guests waiting, possible overage charges from your other vendors trying to make up time lost. It affects catering, the dj… everyone!
    • Professional products!!! Every skin is different. A real artist needs to have the right professional products for every skin type and every color to not only ensure you love your look but that the look will last though a long day of pictures and dancing. A kit is worth thousands of dollars in products from high end, to stuff you can find at Sephora and a few things you can get at Target. A professional sanitizes to ensure no germs are passed. This means cleaning brushes, disposable lip wands, mascara wands etc. Professional hair supplies are also essential for achieving a lasting look. This starts with the tools, spray and other products to ensure the look you want and it lasting.

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